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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right professional can be tricky, so we want to help you understand everything you need to know before you decide who to hire. We have created this resource dedicated to answering your questions. You can find some of the most common questions below to help you decide.

Gardens are a great way to get closer to nature and engage with wildlife, and water features can add an extra dimension to your outdoor space. Water features and exciting new water-themed installations are another way to engage with wildlife animals or introduce new plant life. From ponds to fountains, there are plenty of options for creating a fabulous and welcoming water feature in your garden that is sure to attract birds, bugs and other wild animals.Read More

It's important to remember not to turn off the fountain in order to maintain its functionality and longevity. If you do shut it off, it will leave it vulnerable to contaminants, create a breeding ground for algae, and eventually damage the pump. The reason for this is because the water prevents wastewater from building up around the fountain and clogging the motor, increasing the life expectancy of the pump.Read More

In short, it does not have to cost you much to run a water feature. By taking into consideration factors such as the wattage of the pump, construction costs, water costs and efficiency measures, it is possible to estimate the cost of running a garden water feature. If managed properly, it should not be too expensive to run a water fountain, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful water feature without breaking the bank.Read More

Choosing the right water feature for your garden can be a daunting task; however, there are many things to consider that will help you make an informed decision. Whether you want a small ornamental fountain or a large waterfall, there is something for every garden. Knowing the placement, size, power supply, and style of your desired water feature will help make this process much easier.Read More

Generally speaking, planning permission is not required for most water features. However, local authorities may have restrictions in place, so it is important to check with your local authority before you get started. This is especially true if you plan to create a larger or more complex feature that changes the character of the area. You should also find out about any other regulations in place, such as site or pond drainage requirements.Read More

When choosing the best location for your water feature there are a few key factors to consider, including the size and type of feature, the amount of space available and the sun exposure. Smaller solar-powered water features can be placed in any location, however, larger features may benefit from being positioned in areas away from large trees or buildings that will provide too much shade.  Read More

When considering the various types of water features, there are some common ones you may want to consider. Fish ponds, water gardens, reflecting pools, waterfalls, ornamental pools, streams and fountains are all great choices for adding visual impact to your outdoor space.Read More

Installing a water feature in your garden can bring a sense of peace, tranquility, and relaxation as well as provide a natural habitat for wildlife. It can also increase the value of your property while providing hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike. Even a small water feature can act as a focal point in your garden, while larger ones can be used to divide areas of the garden. Read More

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What Is The Best Water Feature For Wildlife?

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Is It Expensive To Run A Water Feature?

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How Do I Choose A Water Feature?

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Do I Need Planning Permission For A Water Feature?

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What Are The Types Of Water Features?

Water Feature Installation

Water Feature Installation

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