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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right professional can be tricky, so we want to help you understand everything you need to know before you decide who to hire. We have created this resource dedicated to answering your questions. You can find some of the most common questions below to help you decide.

Problems with gas fireplaces can include a build-up of soot, creosote, and other residues. This build-up can cause the fire to run inefficiently and even become dangerous if left unchecked. It’s important to get any blockages checked and cleaned inside the flue pipe on a regular basis, as this can help prevent dangerous build-ups. Additionally, gas leaks or faulty ignition systems can lead to serious safety hazards, so it’s important to get an inspection to make sure your fireplace isn’t at risk.Read More

Chimney sweeping is essential for the upkeep of your home and it’s important to understand how much it costs to have a professional do the work. Conducting a sweep of your chimney can help to reduce the risk of a chimney fire, improve air quality, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of your fireplace. On average, a professional chimney sweep will charge approximately £70 - £125, depending on the size and accessibility of the chimney. Read More

When a chimney is not cleaned and maintained, its flue can become clogged by debris like soot and ash. This increases the risk of a chimney fire, which can easily spread to other parts of the building and result in disastrous consequences. If any problems with the flue or the chimney are identified, they should be dealt with immediately. Professional chimney sweepers have the necessary expertise to identify any potential fire hazards and remove them safely.Read More

The cost of a gas fire service varies depending on the level of work required, however, most services will cost around £100. It’s important to get your gas fire serviced regularly, as it helps to keep it working properly, improve its efficiency and reduce the chance of costly repairs in the future. A gas fire service typically includes inspecting all parts of the fire, cleaning the cavities, testing the seals and ensuring the gas pressure is correct. Read More

When your chimney isn't cleaned properly, it can be clogged with debris. This can cause the air inside your home to become stale and stuffy. It can also reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Regular chimney cleanings will help ensure that your air is fresh and your heating system is operating efficiently. Read More

If you want to install a wood stove but your existing fireplace is blocked up, you may need to open it up. In most instances, this will require permission from the local authority and a qualified engineer to work on the project. It is very important to make sure that the work is done safely and properly, as well as fully comply with all local regulations.Read More

Aesthetic considerations are an important aspect of having a functioning chimney. Depending on the design of your property, the chimney may be a focal point of a particular room. Having it in good condition will help to maintain your interior design and ensure that it continues to look its best. Furthermore, potential buyers may be put off by an old, damaged chimney, so having it repaired and rebuilt can increase the value of your property. Read More

It is important to confirm the accreditation status of any chimney sweep you hire. A qualified and accredited chimney sweep will have the knowledge and expertise to perform any cleaning and repair work on your chimney in the safest and most effective manner.  You can check the chimney sweep's credentials by looking for certification from any of the various governing bodies. These include the Institute of Chimney Sweeps, the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, and the National Association of Chimney Sweeps.Read More

Fireplaces are a great way to add value to your home. A fireplace not only looks good but also adds warmth and character to your living space. It's a feature that many potential buyers will be looking for and will be willing to pay a premium for. Plus, the installation of a new fireplace can increase the price of the property, making it an attractive and valuable asset when it comes to selling your home. Read More

Fireplace insert chimneys are similar to metal chimneys but are specifically designed to be used with gas or electric fireplace inserts. These chimneys are usually made of double-walled stainless steel pipe and feature a built-in rain cap. They usually require professional installation and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Fireplace insert chimneys can range in price depending on the type and size of the insert, so those looking for an economical option may want to consider this type.Read More

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