Tree Surgeons

At A and T Tree Services, we're fully equipped to provide our clients with a wide range of services no matter the scale or complexity. With cost-effective solutions, we'll do our utmost to care for your trees or remove one that may be an obstruction.

As a team of talented tree surgeons, we pride ourselves on offering professional, safe services that benefit your outdoor environment and the tree's needs.

From tree felling and hedge trimming to crown thinning and stump removal, we do it all at A and T, so rest assured, we work diligently to ensure the best for your landscape. Our staff can offer trustworthy, professional advice and suggest some high-quality, safe products that will help keep your trees and shrubs in good condition.

We're fully experienced, qualified, friendly tree surgeons aiming to provide the best care and protection for you and your tree life. Over the years, we've worked throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas to keep customers satisfied and ensure durability.

Our Services

Hedge Trimming

Tree Felling

Crown Thinning

Stump Removal

General Tree Surgery

As tree care and removal specialists, we aim to give customers the best, inclusive services possible, anything regarding trees and shrubs, we'll happily take care of. We understand that trees can be challenging to nurture, especially when they are many years old, or you have no knowledge of how to look after them, in that case, you can count on us.

We understand that trees can be tricky to nurture, especially when they are old, or you have no prior knowledge of how to look after them.

After many years of experience and knowledge, we have the skills and high-quality equipment to trim away at branches and crowns to achieve a healthier outcome for your tree that will prevent the spread of deadly diseases and lengthen it's lifespan where possible.

We can take care of dead or fallen trees, giving you a safer and more tidy landscape.

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