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Are you looking for Electrical Services in your area?

Noticed is your first choice when it comes to finding the best local electrical services for your home or commercial property.

We'll shorten the research process by recommending the best, qualified electrical professionals after you've sent us all your details.

Our team can efficiently discover local electrical services near you. Our hand-picked electricians offer a wide range of maintenance, repairs, and installations to ensure your home is safe and functional.

  • Emergency Electrical Problems
  • Socket alterations
  • Full Consumer Unit Changes
  • Complete House Re-wires
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Approved Nest Installer
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Electrical Installation
  • Bespoke Lighting
  • Electrical Compliance
  • CCTV and Security Systems
  • PAT Testing
  • EV Electric Car Charge Points

We provide an easy route to finding the most suitable qualified businesses and local professionals for the electrical jobs you need.

Find Professionals Committed to Electrical Services

Whether you're facing emergency electrical problems, you require annual PAT Testing or full consumer unit changes we can help. Simply give us your information and we'll help you find committed experts.

Electrical services, such as complete house re-wires, large smart home installations, EV charging points, and CCTV and security systems, cannot be implemented yourself. It is essential that these jobs are completed only by trained electrician. Professionals typically have all the tools, equipment, and safe resources on hand that enable them to install or repair these features in compliance with the existing regulations.

With jobs such as kitchen and bathroom electrical installations, you'll require the assistance of talented, experienced professionals for the job. Likewise, full consumer unit changes need the knowledge and experience of expert electricians, as these can be tricky, dangerous tasks.

To prevent the event of electrocution, we'll help you discover suitable, fully insured professionals with all the qualifications to perform these challenging services.

Often your landlord or housing association can suggest suitable, incredibly skilled electricians working within the area; however, if this isn't the case for you, you might not know where to look for efficient, cost-effective work.

At Noticed, we'll ensure the process is straightforward and much faster so that you can focus on the budget and get your home or commercial property back to normal.

Using the details we can provide, you'll be able to sift through our highly recommended companies and experts to select the ones that suit you.

Comprehensive Range of Electrical Services

We'll begin developing a wide selection of qualified electrical services that you can turn to if your home or commercial property begins experiencing faults or requires essential inspections, testing, or installations.

For example, if you're on the hunt for bespoke lighting curated to your taste, socket alterations, CCTV and video security, electrical compliance checks, or an approved nest installer, we can help.

Our team will scour our directory and areas throughout your location to find services that have the skills, tools, and experience to carry out these jobs.

Many of these features help make your home or business property safer, more functional, or more comfortable to exist in, so trustworthy professionals with varying knowledge and talents are crucial.

It's our goal to remove the challenging nature of scouring for electrical services that can efficiently do such jobs.

Trained and Compassionate Electrical Services

Highly trained, insured, and compassionate specialists are essential for all types of electrical services.

When it comes to wiring, fuse boxes, smart devices, kitchen or bathroom appliances, or sockets, it's paramount to hire qualified experts who have had years of experience in the industry and know the ins and outs of electrical safety regulations.

The team at Noticed are dedicated to ensuring you are in good, capable hands of compassionate specialists who care about your safety and the functionality of your building.

We'd never recommend services with bad reviews or low ratings, as we want to ensure that the work you receive from electrical professionals is compliant with all HSE laws and electrical legislation.

Upon finding the best professionals, we'll curate a list complete with websites, social media pages and contacts so that you can assess which would be most fitting for the jobs you need.

How to get started

When beginning our process, we'll often ask for your location, contact and job requirement details, alongside anything that will allow us to produce more precise results. Once we have access to this data, we'll curate lists of talented pros and businesses that specifically serve your local area.


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Reviewing & comparing

Once you receive quotations from our carefully selected specialists, the decision-making process is in your hands. You can choose the provider that best aligns with the specific requirements of the job at hand.

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Quotes & estimates

With Noticed UK, you will receive a prompt list of local service providers. Take the opportunity to contact them, compare quotes, and secure the most competitive rates from the finest specialists near you.

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