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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right professional can be tricky, so we want to help you understand everything you need to know before you decide who to hire. We have created this resource dedicated to answering your questions. You can find some of the most common questions below to help you decide.

By enlisting the help of a professional landscaping service, homeowners can also increase the curb appeal of their property. Professional landscapers are skilled in the art of landscape design and can create beautiful outdoor spaces that will draw the eye of neighbours. In addition, having a professionally landscaped property will give homeowners peace of mind knowing that their outdoor area was designed and maintained by experienced professionals.Read More

Several factors affect the overall cost of garden landscaping. The size of the project, the complexity of the design, and the quality and availability of materials can all have an impact on pricing. Additionally, the area you live in, and the current or expected demand for garden landscaping services, will also play a role in determining the cost. It's important to consider all aspects when planning your landscaping project.Read More

This is an important question because landscaping requires skill and experience. The goal is to ensure that your landscaper is well-qualified to do the job at hand. You also want to make sure that the landscaper is up-to-date on the latest techniques and materials. Inquire about qualifications and certifications that demonstrate an understanding of the trade. Additionally, ask previous customers about their experiences with the company. Read More

There is no shortage of options when it comes to landscaping. You can create a classic, traditional look with low-maintenance evergreen bushes and shrubs, or opt for more exotic-looking plants and flowers to make your garden stand out from the rest. If you’re looking for a more formal look, consider the installation of pathways and rock features. Depending on the climate of your area, landscaping can include drought-resistant plants, trees and grasses as well as water features like ponds and fountains.Read More

Urban areas need landscaping just as much as rural ones, in order to create a sense of balance between the built and natural environments. Poorly designed landscapes can lead to heat islands and rising temperatures in built-up areas, but good landscaping can help to cool down the area by providing shade and controlling the flow of air. In addition, well-designed urban landscapes can help to reduce noise pollution by providing a barrier for sound, and can also improve the aesthetic value of the area, making it a more pleasant and desirable place to live and work. Read More

The number one mistake that most people make when landscaping their garden is to rush into the process without considering all of the implications. Before you begin your project, take some time to really think about how you want your garden to look and what features would add the most value to it. Consider the climate conditions in your region and the amount of sunlight your property receives to ensure that your plants will survive. Finally, take the time to create a landscape plan and budget before you move forward.Read More

If you are thinking of paving over a significant portion of your front garden, it may require some form of planning permission. Any hard surface in the front of the house can disrupt the area’s natural drainage. Additionally, if you are removing existing hedges, trees and other foliage to make the necessary changes, you will likely need planning permission.  The local planning authority is obliged to consider applications that could affect neighbouring households. So while you may not need planning permission for a small-scale paving project, larger changes may require you to submit a formal request. Read More

It is essential that you hire a landscaper that is fully insured. Not only does this protect you against any damages that may occur while the job is being done, but it also ensures that any materials or equipment used on your property is covered in the event of an accident or mishap. It’s also a good idea to ask for proof of insurance before you hire a landscaper to make sure they are covered for the job. Read More

When it comes to a total garden makeover, the best time of year to carry out the work is in the autumn. The milder temperatures will allow any plants that have been installed to settle in before the cold winter weather sets in. Autumn is also a great time to lay down any patio or decking because the ground is still warm and there are usually fewer rain showers. Read More

Professional landscapers design landscapes for clients to ensure they match their expectations. This can include creating a brand new garden from scratch or adapting an existing one. They assess the size and shape of the space available and work with clients to decide on the style of the landscape they wish to achieve. Working with architects, landscape designers and horticulturalists, they turn concepts into reality. They use specialist knowledge of planting and soil conditions to ensure the garden is designed in a practical and sustainable manner.Read More

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